Ibrahim : Ibtihal : Ayoub : Zeinab : Mohamed

Ibrahim : Ibtihal : Ayoub : Zeinab : Mohamed

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you select your project idea?

We often feel ownership of our ideas - less than a belief of superiority, but a pleasure in being able to say 'I came up with that', even if the final product bears, in effect, little resemblance to the original sketch.
So with 5 excellent ideas and the necessity to select 3 out of them to be presented, how to avoid frictions?

Time-constrained as we were - we were selecting the projects as the 'elevator pitches' session was beginning - we nevertheless favoured complete transparency over practicality, and chose to conduct a full vote.

The result was the selection of our top 3 ideas:
a/ MENA-ACT, an online resource for Arab activists that acts both as a repository of knowledge, training and tools for activists, as well as a platform for activists to connect, interact, and network;

b/ Collaborative News, a contributor-generated news website that would give an outlet to local events that are 0ften not covered, for political decisions, in the mainstream media;

c/ Online resource for graphic designers, which would provide a platform for knowledge dissemination, both for professionals and amateurs, on graphic design; as well as allow designers to take advantage of each other's skills and opinions.

The elevator pitches were, in our opinion, quite successful - the response from the audience was quite encouraging.

Will it be harder to select a single project?

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